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Dressage Riders Neuromechanics Workshop

Improve your Riding Technique, Symmetry, Relieve Chronic Pain & Recurring Injury

Next Workshop: Sunday 29th November 4pm – 6pm 

Limited to 20 people per workshop…There are currently 7 Spaces left.

Designed specifically for Dressage Riders who are inhibited by aches and pains or want to improve their riding performance.

Do You…

Suffer with chronic pain or reoccurring injury, which is affecting your riding enjoyment?

Struggle with asymmetry, which is hindering your horse to move in balance?

Have poor posture, weak core stability and balance problems, which are affecting your riding performance?

Worry about the impact you have on your horse when you’re not able to ride at your best?

If the answer is YES…

Our Rider focused workshop focuses on Biomechanics and Movement Neurology to help you improve your posture, balance & coordination. 

This is for you if…

You want to eliminate chronic pain and stop reoccuring injuries with exercises to enhance your riding performance.

You want to learn how to self assess your lumbar spine, pelvis, and hip structure to improve your asymmetry and posture.

You want to learn exercises to better control your balance and coordination both on and off the horse.

You want to learn how dysfunction and compensations lead to chronic pain, reoccurring injuries and reduce your ability to learn a new skill.

You want to learn the latest sports-science neurology drills to improve propriception and increase feedback from the brain to activate the right muscles.

You want an individualised exercise programme to correct your structural and neural compensations.

How it Works…

All you need is Zoom access, comfy clothes, a chair and pen & paper

Workshops are delivered with a maximum capacity of 20 people via a two- way zoom call.

The workshop includes joint range of motion and neurology assessments, alongside ideal exercises to correct highlighted dysfunctions.

You’ll takeaway an individualised training programme to help you relieve tension, reduce joint pain and improve balance and coordination.

Including a one-to-one follow up consultation with one of our Pain Relief Specialists (worth £75) to discuss your results and have your full body movement function, core activation and balance assessed in further detail.

Meet The Hosts

David Sanders

David Sanders

David Sanders is an Applied Sports Scientist, Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Performance Enhancement Specialist, Sports Massage Therapist

Tracy Nicola Lamond

Tracy Nicola Lamond

Tracy Nicola Lamond is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer & Corrective Exercise Specialist helping people get away from pain having been in the fitness industry for 5 years.

Kim Ratcliffe

Kim Ratcliffe

Kim Ratcliffe is a British Dressage List 1 & National Para Judge, UKCC level 3 British Dressage Coach and Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner

Check out what some of our recent clients have said…

“Love the plan, love seeing the improvements in my balance & then also my horse’s balance. I still can’t believe I’m actually enjoying exercise classes for the 1st time in my life & still attending them regularly after 3 months. Thats a lifestyle change for me both mentally & physically, long may it last 😁


“I started on the Revitalise plan 8 weeks ago, hoping to ease my long-standing sacro-iliac pain and improve the mobility in my painless but very stiff right hip. I have achieved so much more than I hoped for. The pain in the sacro-iliac has disappeared completely, having been constant for several years, and the hip mobility, which has been very limited for as long as I can remember (decades) is improving week-by-week.
As a huge bonus this improved mobility is without doubt improving my riding due to the improvement in my symmetry. This in turn is allowing both my horses to move in a more symmetrical way, thereby improving their way of going and ultimately their soundness.”

Limited to 20 people per workshop. 

There are currently 7 Spaces left